Immediate Needs Assistance

The O’Brate Foundation will consider, on an individual basis, addressing short-term immediate needs assistance to improve a youth’s chances for success if no other resources are available. The young adult applicants must be residents of Kansas who currently reside in Kansas and fall within the Federal Income Poverty Guidelines

Assistance is limited to the areas listed below. We are unable to consider assistance requests relating to medical or transportation challenges. 

> Food

> Shelter/Utilities

> Clothing

Eligibility Criteria

> Financial Need

> Age 17 to 25 

> 2.5 GPA or higher if attending High School or College

> Work Experience

> Drive & Determination to Succeed


This application is always open and does not have a deadline. 

Application Access

The Immediate Needs Application must be started by an adult sponsor, which includes: teachers/instructors, school counselors, academic advisors, DCF case managers, or other qualified professionals. The adult sponsor should e-mail to request access to the Immediate Needs Assistance Application. The request should include the adult sponsor’s First & Last Name and E-mail Address. An e-mail response from the O’Brate Foundation will be generated within 24 to 48 hours with login directions, a temporary password and the Immediate Needs Assistance Application ACCESS CODE. The adult sponsor will complete most of the application, although the young adult in need of assistance will also be responsible for completing demographic information and an essay. 

Selection of Recipients

Qualified applicants will be contacted by O’Brate Foundation Staff to complete an in-person or video conference interview after application submission. Notification of the award decision can take a few days to several weeks depending on numerous factors. If, after submitting the application, you feel the need is more urgent, please contact our office at 620-277-7831.

Application Guide & Summary

Immediate Needs Guide (pdf)