Services & Scholar Development



Adjusting to college can be exciting and terrifying all at the same time. For first generation college students, the transition can be even more challenging. We provide each scholar with a staff mentor to help with the transition and to ensure success. Our staff mentors bring a wide and relevant range of personal and professional experience to help our students solve problems, and ultimately reach their educational goals.  


Financial Literacy

Forming a good, constructive relationship with money is a lifetime skill that we hope to encourage in our scholars by helping them understand how they relate to money and by incorporating college and monthly budget submissions. In taking time each month to break down income and expenses, it is our hope that scholars will see the value in financial planning and thereby, be more intentional with spending and saving.


Personal & Professional Development

Providing our scholars with abundant information and opportunities that will motive, foster growth and encourage informed decision making throughout their academic journey is important to us. Our annual Summer Seminar, which we host each July in Garden City, KS, affords us the platform to host speakers with inspirational messages about overcoming obstacles and deliver sessions that cover topics ranging from stress management to building responsible credit. Attendance to this event is mandatory for our scholars.